Best AV To HDMI Converter 2024

With the innovation of new technology, the way we watch TV & movies has changed radically. Now, you can use the Best AV To HDMI Converter to easily connect the audio & video signals to convert from analog to digital. 

This appropriate method produces clear, sharp pictures with increased contrast, brightness, as well as sharpness. Moreover, built-in noise reduction filters deliver even better sound quality.

To get the best from your home-cinema system, you will have to select the right AV to HDMI converter. We have listed the best AV to HDMI converters so that you can make a knowledgeable decision. Let us get started.

Best AV to HDMI converter
Best AV to HDMI converter

Best AV to HDMI Converter

You must have the best AV to HDMI converter to get the perfect picture when playing your beloved videos or movies. By investing in a high-quality converter, you will be capable of getting the most out of your home theatre set-up. Here are some best converters for greater video output.


The ABLEWE AV to HDMI converter will help you transform your old console or VHS image to the modern format without too much fuss or effort.

It does not require any extra drivers to operate. Just plug in the HDMI & USB cables, and you are ready. The 1xRCA input ports and the standard 1xHDMI output ports will aid you get back to playing your good old video consoles with a brand-new HD Smart TV. 

 It supports the 1080p/720p output & is NTSC/PAL compatible. It will most probably fit your present TV set. Portable as well as flexible. The ABLEWE converter comes with an upscale inner chip to boost its durability. 

The best AV to HDMI converter for gaming lets you enjoy your old games or family recordings on a modern TV screen. It can be used for VHS players and older game Consoles, such as the N64 or Wii. 


  • Simple and cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • Effective in solving connection problems
  • Great instructions provided
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Build quality is good


  • Quality might be poor on high-resolution large screens

Tengchi AV/RCA to HDMI Converter 

The best AV to HDMI converter for PS2 allows you to easily convert your out-of-date audio/video signals to HDMI, conveying outstanding high-definition visuals and superior audio quality. 

Compatible with a Wide Range of Devices including the PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox, VHS players, STB (Set-Top Box), VCRs, and even Blu-ray DVD players.

The best AV to HDMI converter for n64 guarantees that you can enjoy your favourite content in the best resolution. Whether you are streaming videos, playing games, or watching movies, every detail will be crystal clear, engaging you in a truly cinematic experience. 

The Tengchi AV to HDMI Converter requires no complicated setup. With its plug-and-play functionality, you will not need any external power supply.  Quality & affordability should go simultaneously. The Tengchi AV to HDMI Converter is durable & guarantees long-lasting performance. 

With its budget-friendly price point, you will not have to break the bank to enjoy the benefits of modern connectivity. 


  • Easy setup and installation
  • Affordable price
  • Compatible with an extensive range of devices
  • Works as advertised


  • May not offer top-notch quality
  • Requires additional power source

RuiPuo AV/RCA to HDMI Converter

If you suddenly feel a bout of nostalgia and need to replay an old game – or re-watch an old VHS – there is a convenient solution. RuiPuo AV to HDMI converter will recuperate your memories & combine them with a real home theatre experience.

The best AV to HDMI converter will easily transform the analogue input to 1080/720p HDMI. While it does not improve the video quality, it can faithfully transfer the video signal to your newer smart TV set. 

Best AV to HDMI converter RCA connects the HDMI capture card to capture the game screen. This model uses an external USB cable. Also, no need to install drivers; this is a plug-and-play device. 


  • No software or drivers required
  • Provides clear & crisp images with high-quality video
  • Compact & portable design 
  • Works fine with a diversity of old devices including home theatres, game Consoles, and VHS/DVD players


  • May not adequately detect smart TVs


The Wenter RCA to HDMI Converter is easy to set up, but the power cord does not have an adapter. 

Micro-USB is included in the device, and the power source must have a regular-size female USB port with a 5VDC output & 1amp or larger current. The converter automatically expands the 4:3 picture to 16:9 with no option to keep it as 4:3. 

It changes analogue video signals to digital HDMI, upgrades them to 1080p, and supports all major TV and display resolutions. It is easy to use & set up, with a simple plug-and-play design. 

With its advanced signal processing technology, the best AV to HDMI converter RCA provides great precision, colors, and details. Its user-friendly setup & advanced signal-processing technology make it worth considering.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • It supports all TV & display resolutions
  • Suitable for playing retro games Consoles on modern TVs
  • Upscale video quality well


  • Does not work with every device

UPGROW AV to HDMI Converter

The UPGROW AV to HDMI Converter is lightweight. That is light enough to hang behind your TV without any cables. If you are looking at a durable little device – the case is made from anodized aluminium.

The design of the best AV to HDMI converter is simple The Micro USB power port is located on the side of the housing.  The power port is the selector switch for selecting between 720p and 1080p outputs. It is paramount to use the highest resolution that is compatible with your display. 

As for video format, you should not have any issues. The best AV to HDMI converter supports SECAM, PAL/M, NTSC, PAL, and PAL/N devices. No matter where your game console or VCR was bought, it will work just fine.


  • Multiple device compatibility.
  • Red light to display for power.
  • Indicator for the direction of conversion.
  • Switch between quality options.
  • Lightweight and compatible.


  • No HDMI cable.
Best AV to HDMI converter
Best AV to HDMI converter

FAQ-Best AV To HDMI Converter

Do RCA to HDMI Converters really work?

An active RCA to HDMI Converter will work to convert RCA to HDMI. Simple RCA-to-HDMI cables without the conversion ability will not work. An RCA-to-HDMI cord could perform the signal conversion if it has an “encoding box,” which is a built-in adapter.  

 Is RCA better quality than HDMI?

Among RCA vs. HDMI, HDMI does seem like the better choice being the more modern technique of connecting devices. Yet, RCA still offers many applications. Since more systems use this and can transmit both analogue and digital signals, it remains a brilliant choice for connecting devices.

Does RCA to HDMI improve picture quality?

RCA is an analogue connection, which means it does not support high-definition resolutions. While the converter may provide a clearer and more stable image compared to direct RCA-to-RCA connections, it does not magically convert your old standard-definition content into high-definition quality. 

Can you convert AV to HDMI?

Yes, it is possible to use converter technology to convert AV signals to HDMI or other popular formats as required.

Conclusion-Best AV To HDMI Converter

Best AV to HDMI converters can deliver a high-quality signal conversion with minimal latency. The converter must be compatible with an extensive range of devices.

When choosing a converter, it is important to read reviews from other users. Search for a reputable brand that has good reviews as well as a record of making quality products. Reviews can give you an insight into any potential problems with the product.

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