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Whether jamming at home or on the go, a quality set of cans rightfully deserves an amplifier that amplifies the listening experience. With such a wide range of budget-friendly options available, determining the most outstanding affordable amplifier can feel overwhelming. Having tested various desktop and portable models under $100, here are the three best headphone amplifiers under $100 that provide superb sound for the money.

Comparing Best Headphone Amplifiers

Each headphone amplifier examined here has its merits but also potential downsides depending on specific needs and set-ups. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each model:

01. Fiio E10K Olympus 2 USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier

Best Headphone Amplifiers
Best Headphone Amplifiers

The Fiio E10K Olympus 2 establishes itself as an excellent entry-level best desktop headphone amplifier. Offering ample power for efficient headphones, its balanced output drives a variety of cans with clarity and authority. Its USB DAC function streamlines a computer audio chain by removing reliance on lower-quality analog conversion from the motherboard.

Users love how the E10K brings musical instruments and vocals forward in a natural way. Its sound carries a tasteful level of warmth without sacrificing detailing or dynamics. The amplifier contributes zero harshness or resonance to corrupt the original recording.

It gets right to the point of maximizing one’s headphones while bringing little to no character of its own. For those seeking an easy plug-and-play way to upgrade computer listening‌, the Fiio is tough to top at under a C-note.

Fiio E10K Pros:

  • Wide, balanced frequency response brings out natural tonality
  • Opens up soundstage, allowing instruments to breathe
  • USB DAC functionality provides cleaner desktop audio
  • Compact size fits easily on any surface
  • Affordable price is accessible for most budgets

Fiio E10K Cons:

  • More basic UI and feature-set than standalone amps
  • May be underpowered for power-hungry planar cans
  • USB-C connectivity could be more future-proof

02. Schiit Magni 3+ Solid State Headphone Amp

Best Headphone Amplifiers
Best Headphone Amplifiers

Designed for serious listeners, the Schiit Magni 3+ delivers transparent, nuanced amplification at a reasonable price. Its solid-state circuitry remains completely silent, emitting only low, inaudible noises. It conveys instrumentation and textures with exceptional insight and realism.

While many affordable emphasize power over finesse, the Magni finds that ideal balance. It drives demanding 300-Ohm cans to ear-splitting volumes while preserving subtlety, space and dynamics across all frequency ranges.

Visual aesthetics may not wow, yet Schiit’s functionality does. An onboard gain switch accommodates a range of headphone impedances. Its front panel knob offers step-less attenuation for precise volume matching between sources. Two versatile line inputs let one easily compare analog and digital gear.

Overall, it serves as an insightful window into music. Whether for analytical listening, reference monitoring, or pure enjoyment, the transparent Magni enhances any audio chain.

Schiit Magni 3+ Pros:

  • Air-tight, nuanced sounds are ideal for critical listening
  • Robust power handles even 600-ohm headphones
  • True audiophile performance exceeds its price point
  • Versatile gain/input options for multiple headphones
  • Sturdy construction feels built to last

Schiit Magni 3+ Cons:

  • Larger size won’t suit all desktop setups
  • Plain design won’t impress non-audiophiles
  • No DAC/volume control requires a separate source

03. Creative Sound BlasterX G5 Hybrid DAC Amp

Best Headphone Amplifiers
Best Headphone Amplifiers

As a hybrid option packing both digital and analog circuitry, the Creative Sound BlasterX G5 delivers portability plus top-shelf audio quality. This USB-C charged amp shines with its ability to drive even the most power-hungry planners and bring out their full expression.

Its balanced output drives headphones directly from the DAC or analog input with excellent control and dynamics. From electronic to classical, genres retain spatial nuance and texture despite being scaled down to a single form factor. The tight, extended low-end keeps bass rhythms driving along without losing definition.

Creative’s proprietary Super X-Fi technology virtualizes surround sound for both open-back and closed-back headphones. It provides an immersive audio experience rivaling full speaker systems. The feature works brilliantly for movies, games, and music productions relying heavily on the placement of sounds in 3D space.

Creative Sound BlasterX G5 Pros:

  • Exceptionally detailed, airy and transparent sound
  • Powers even 300-Ohm hungry planar magnetics effortlessly
  • Versatile connectivity including USB-C charging
  • Tactile buttons feel high-end
  • Striking virtual surround effect for an out-of-head experience

Creative Sound BlasterX G5 Cons:

  • Weight and bulk for portable use versus standalone amps
  • Surround feature won’t please pure stereo enthusiasts
  • Price exceeds $100 threshold by $30-$50 depending on sales

Overall, any of these budget amplifiers make worthy upgrades over laptop/mobile audio. The best choice for a headphone amplifier depends heavily on the intended application, the features that are prioritized and the willingness to spend more than $100.

FAQs about Best Headphone Amplifiers

What type of headphones work best with these best headphone amplifiers?

The Fiio E10K and Schiit Magni 3+ are best for high-impedance headphones (50 Ohms and above) that need more power. The Creative Sound BlasterX G5 works well with both low-impedance headphones and power-hungry planar magnetic models. The Sound BlasterX G5 and Fiio E10K have enough power for various portable headphones.

Is an external DAC necessary if using these best headphone amplifiers with a computer?

While an external DAC is not always necessary, dedicated DAC components result in lower noise floors and avoid interference from other system parts. They also enable benefits like higher resolution audio support and balanced/unbalanced outputs that are unavailable on some motherboards.

How do I determine what gain setting to use?

To determine the optimal gain setting, begin by selecting the low gain option. Increase to high gain only if low-level noise is heard or if the volume is insufficient. This helps prevent distortion from overdriving headphones at volumes exceeding their ratings.

Closing Thoughts on Best Headphone Amplifiers

Whether taking that next step up from entry-level listening or building a serious desktop system, these compact best budget headphone amps provide outstanding value and performance suited to an array of headphones. Each model brings sonic transparency and clarity to new levels while remaining priced accessible for most listeners. 

When factoring in superb measured specs and positive user impressions, the Fiio E10K, Schiit Magni 3+ and Creative Sound BlasterX G5 make formidable choices as either a starter amp or a versatile desktop upgrade.

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