5 Best Smartwatches With Blood Pressure Monitor

Nowadays, the silent threat of high blood pressure looms large. An estimated 1.3 billion people worldwide are grappling with hypertension. So, everyone (especially older ones) must stay vigilant about their health. Also, it is imperative to have effective tools at our disposal.

Thankfully, the convergence of technology and health has brought the best smartwatches with blood pressure monitors. In addition to telling times, these wrist companions can monitor your blood pressure around the clock.

To help you find the right one, we have highlighted the 5 best smartwatches with blood pressure monitors.

5 Best Smartwatches With Blood Pressure Monitor in 2024

With the following 5 smartwatches, you can measure blood pressure at any time, anywhere. They have proven to be the best options after analyzing the overall market. 

01. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 – Best Blood Pressure Monitoring Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 - best smartwatches with blood pressure monitor


  • BP Measurement: Pulse wave analysis
  • Weight: 28.6 g
  • Size: 40mm or 44mm
  • Battery Life: 50 hours on a single charge
  • App: Galaxy Wearable

For several reasons, it stands out as the best smartwatch with a blood pressure monitor. It not only measures blood pressure but also offers ECG readings through its built-in health monitor app. Its blood pressure function is available in over 50 other countries. Unfortunately, it hasn’t received FDA approval in the US yet.

A study with the Galaxy Watch 5 showcased its reliability in providing accurate blood pressure readings, particularly aiding patients with Parkinson’s disease. However, it doesn’t diagnose conditions like hypertension or heart attacks.

Beyond its health monitoring capabilities, the Galaxy Watch 5 offers additional features. With this smartwatch, users can track their sleeping time, stream music, and so on. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is a comprehensive companion for both health and lifestyle needs.

– Convenient for monitoring blood pressure while on the move
– Gives accurate and reliable readings (proven)
– Long-lasting battery life
– Available in at least 50 countries
– Lacks FDA approval
– Requires calibration every four weeks

02. FitVII Smartwatch – A Budget-Friendly Blood Smartwatch to Measure Blood Pressure

FitVII Smartwatch


  • BP Measurement: Sensors
  • Weight: 34.02 g
  • Size: 1.7 inches
  • Battery life: 7+ days
  • App: FitCloudPro App

Smartwatches with great features are not cheap. Often, these technologies come with a hefty price tag. That is where the FitVII Smartwatch stands out for being affordable. At a lower price point, users can access features that are only available on premium smartwatches.

This smartwatch offers incredible value without compromising on quality. Therefore, it achieved a 4.1-star rating from over 2,000 reviewers worldwide. Mostly, users praise its consistent readings and user-friendly app interface. Some are impressed with its battery life of 7 to 10 days. They can enjoy uninterrupted usage.

Beyond its affordability, the FitVII Smartwatch is packed with features. It is indeed one of the best smartwatches for blood pressure monitoring. Additionally, it offers sleep-tracking capabilities, analyzing both deep and light sleep patterns. Moreover, it provides real-time updates on various factors, all of which are displayed on its 1.7-inch HD screen.

– Long battery life of over 7 days
– Vibrating alerts for phone notifications
– Comprehensive tracking features
– Backed by a 2-year warranty
– Sleep tracking lacks REM sleep measurement
– Lack of compatibility with PCs or tablets

03. Med-Watch Pro – Ideal Standalone Choice for Blood Pressure Monitoring.

Med-Watch Pro


  • BP Measurement: Optical sensors
  • Weight: N/A
  • Size: 5.5–8.5 inches
  • Battery life: Up to a week
  • App: DaFit

This smartwatch offers convenience and comprehensive health-tracking capabilities. Unlike many other options, it doesn’t require a connection to a smartphone or app to store your health data. Everything is stored directly on the device itself.

With that said, the Med-Watch Pro features the DaFit app for those who prefer smartphone connectivity. This app offers additional insights and personalized recommendations based on your data. In addition to blood pressure monitoring, the Med-Watch Pro tracks other health metrics. These include heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep patterns, and daily steps.

The cool thing about this watch is that it uses optical sensors to measure blood pressure. Using a technique called photoplethysmography (PPG), it emits light into the skin and measures changes in light absorption. This is how it can calculate blood pressure accurately in just 30 seconds or less.

– Quick blood pressure readings in just 30 seconds
– Standalone device; no smartphone needed
– Includes additional health-tracking features
– Not as accurate compared to other choices
– Issues with the charging process

04. YHE BP Doctor Pro – Ultimate All-In-One Smartwatch for Blood Pressure Management

YHE BP Doctor Pro


  • BP Measurement: Inflatable cuff
  • Weight: 60.1 g
  • Size: 5.31–8.66 inches
  • Battery Life: N/A
  • App: For Android and iPhone

This watch is committed to medical-grade accuracy and comprehensive health monitoring features. This is why it has earned its reputation as the best smartwatch with a blood pressure monitor. It features a patented inflatable air cuff for precise readings of blood pressure fluctuations at any time.

Beyond blood pressure monitoring, the watch offers plenty of health-tracking capabilities. With continuous heart rate variability (HRV) analysis, it provides insights into stress recovery. Plus, users can easily check blood oxygen levels (SpO2) and receive alerts for apneas.

The YHE BP Doctor Pro has excellent data synchronization with both Android and iOS apps. So, users can track sleep, activity, and health through this smartwatch. They can manage their health effectively and even create personalized health plans for their entire family.

– Wearable with medical-grade accuracy
– Displays time in military format
– Tracks calorie consumption
– Measures SpO2 levels
– Lack of automatic blood pressure readings
– Interface may be too large

05. Omron Heart Guide – Most Accurate Blood Pressure Smartwatch

Omron Heart Guide


  • BP Measurement: Inflatable cuff
  • Weight: Around 115 g
  • Size: 6.3–7.1 inches (medium); 7.2–8.5 inches (large)
  • Battery life: A single charge lasts for around 500 cycles
  • App: Omron Connect

This one is an FDA-approved smartwatch. As a result, it can assure users of clinically accurate readings within just 30 seconds. It also provides valuable insights into their health. Moreover, users can track trends in their blood pressure over time.

An inflatable cuff is equipped with this watch. It is integrated into the watch band. It contains components similar to those found in traditional blood pressure monitors. This innovative design ensures accuracy while offering the convenience of a wearable device.

What’s more! Users get a better understanding of their readings through the Omron Connect app. It allows them to share data with healthcare professionals for expert analysis. On a fully charged battery, this watch can take up to 8 blood pressure measurements. 

– Long-lasting battery for extended use
– FDA-approved
– Tracks sleep and activity levels
– Lightweight design
– Lack of screen brightness adjustment
– Occasional reports of inaccurate readings
– Limited sizing options

Facts for Choosing the Best Smartwatches With Blood Pressure Monitor

Which smartwatch is best for blood pressure? Perhaps, you have found the answer by now. So, we will move on to the next part – crucial factors in choosing the best smartwatches with blood pressure monitors.

  • Accuracy: Accuracy is paramount when selecting a blood pressure monitor. Users should consider evidence from studies and medical research to ensure the chosen smartwatch provides reliable readings.
  • Commercial Availability: Some watches, like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 lack FDA approval for blood pressure readings in the United States. Therefore, the availability of the smartwatch on the market is essential.
  • Data Privacy: Given the sensitive nature of health information, it is imperative to prioritize data privacy. So, users should evaluate the privacy protocols of the chosen brand and device. As a result, consumers’ health data will remain secure.
  • Price: When it comes to the best smartwatches with blood pressure monitors, the options are limited. Plus, the price is another crucial factor. However, it shouldn’t compromise accuracy or data privacy. Cheaper options may not always offer the same level of reliability.

Final Notes

In a fast-paced world, convenience is key. The best smartwatches with blood pressure monitor functionality offer just that. Hopefully, all of the watches mentioned above suit every budget and lifestyle. Rest assured, all these watches provide an effortless way to monitor your health on the go.

So, there are no more hassles for measuring blood pressure. With the best smartwatches for blood pressure monitoring, this task becomes a breeze.

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