Discover The Best Drones for Kids in 2024

For curious kids who wanna see the world from above, drones make a great gift. Yet with so many models on the market, deciding which flying machine is best for a beginner boy or girl can be confusing. This guide breaks down the best drones for kids suitable for ages 10 and up. 

We take into account each toy’s features, ease of use, and whether it has options like cameras that can inspire a young pilot. By the end, you’ll know exactly which drone to get that will spark hours of safe fun and learning.

How to Choose the Best Drones For Kids in 2024

When looking for the right first drone, consider your child’s age and skill level. Intro models with training features like altitude hold or automatic landing are best for younger pilots. Check flight times as well – more experienced flyers may prefer longer-lasting batteries. Don’t forget to evaluate any photo or video capabilities that could ignite interest. With these factors in mind, scroll down to our top picks of drones perfect for any young explorer to just beginning their aerial adventures!

7 Best Drones For Kids In 2024

When searching for the best drones for beginner kids, it’s helpful to consider each model’s learning aspects beyond just flight fun. The best drone for 10 year old with cameras in 2024 are expected to inspire young minds with their advanced features that promote skill development.

After reviewing the latest models released in 2024, here are some drones we expect will be top picks for kids this year based on their attributes and values: 

01. Holy Stone HS110D – A Gentle Guide for Young Pilots

Best Drones For Kids
Best Drones For Beginner Kids

This beginner-level drone is designed to teach kids the basics of flying. It offers several speed modes to help them gradually improve their stabilizing skills. Its altitude hold feature serves as a training tool until one gains confidence in flying.

This mid-size marvel earns high praise among families. It provides a stable and forgiving flight for kids just taking off. The HS110D comes with several speed modes, letting it gradually build skills from low-level cruising to faster zipping. An altitude hold function keeps it hovering in place, preventing crashes as confidence increases. 

At under $90, this offers terrific value and includes extra props plus a charging hub. The colorful design stands out in the sky. With a 1080P HD camera, it teaches piloting skills thoroughly before upgrading to more advanced models.

02. Potensic D85 – Spreading Wings and Creativity

Best Drones For Kids
Best Drones For Kids In 2024

Aspiring flyers who want to incorporate visual art into their work will appreciate this affordable drone’s camera, which produces stable and impressive photos of landscapes. Downloading these shots can be a source of inspiration and can help improve flying skills.

For dazzling aerial photos and video on a budget, the Potensic D85 is tough to top. Costing around $130, it packs a powerful camera capable of shooting stable 1080p HD from impressive heights. Six-axis gyro stabilization ensures buttery-smooth footage, even on windy days. 

Beginners find it easy to manipulate through the familiar joystick controls and multiple speed settings. By pressing a button, this drone will automatically return to its takeoff point, preventing it from getting lost. The included controller has a long operational range for excitement that goes on and on.

03. Snaptain SP350 – Through an Aspiring Lens

Best Drones For Kids
Best Drones For Kids In 2024

If you’re a photography enthusiast looking to capture unique perspectives of the world or your surroundings, this affordable camera is perfect for you. It will help improve the quality of your photos and has autofocus to assist new photographers.

Fans of photography rejoice, the Snapatin SP350 is a drone designed specifically for aspiring photographers. Priced at under $100, its camera boasts 12 megapixels and 1/2.3″ lens, capturing beautiful photos and videos while hovering in the sky. Settings like auto-focus and smile detection make it easy for kids to capture great shots. 

The headless mode of this drone is ideal for new pilots who are still learning how to orient themselves. With a battery life of 18-20 minutes, it allows for longer flights compared to other models. You can also download the app for controlling the drone and instantly sharing photos on your device.

04. Ryze Tello – Igniting Imagination Through Code

Best Drones For Kids
Drone For 10 Year Old With Camera

This drone, designed for coding enthusiasts, ignites a passion for programming by allowing users to create customized aerial movements using visual block environments. Additionally, it helps users develop new skills beyond just flying in the sky.

For those interested in coding, the Ryze Tello is a drone that inspires creativity through code. At only $99, it connects to WiFi for programming using block-based environments like Scratch. Kids can easily customize the stunts and movements of this toy, making the magic of programming tangible. 

The Ryze Fly app also allows for a natural understanding of flight basics such as takeoff, landing, and navigation. Although the 5MP photos are decent, some see this as more of an educational toy. TIME has recognized it as one of the Best Inventions of 2019, igniting the imagination of young creators and programmers worldwide.

05. DJI Tello – Stepping Into Smooth Flyings

Best Drones For Kids
Best Drones For Kids In 2024

Experience top-notch quality from a well-known brand at an affordable price. This selection provides luxurious comforts for novice pilots, including gyro stabilizers for improved control. With face-tracking technology, maneuvering this amazing aircraft is both enjoyable and effortless.

Take your drone flying to the next level with DJI, the top brand for prosumer drones. The Tello model is designed for beginners and is priced at just $99. This drone is known for its stability and can track faces and follow commands using easy gestures. Safeguards prevent it from flying beyond limits while its strong resistance to wind makes flying worry-free. 

The camera on this device shoots at 1080p and streams video directly to devices. While it only lasts for 13 minutes per charge, it recharges quickly. It can also be customized and controlled through code blocks like SwiftPlay. This flyer, made by DJI, is known for its exceptional quality.

06. Syma X5SC – Learning to Fly with Limited Funds

Best Drones For Kids
Drone For 10 Year Old With Camera

This budget-friendly option offers multiple speed settings, allowing micro flyers to learn how to handle them. Despite being basic, there are plenty of opportunities for excitement in the air.

It’s another top flyer for newbies is the affordable Syma X5SC. Under $50, this teaches handling skills through its three-speed modes and one-key automated return. The intuitive two-stick controls of this device feel very natural to use. While it may not have any photo features, it prioritizes being strong, easy to carry, and long-lasting, which makes it perfect for children. 

At just over 5 inches wide, its compact size offers thrills indoors too on rainy days without risking breakables. Spare blades and a 720p camera upgrade are available if wanted later on. Overall, the combination of its low price and stable flight makes it an ideal option for first-time training wheels.

07. Holy Stone HS110 – Extending Expeditions to New Elevations (Best Drones For Kids In 2024)

Best Drones For Kids
Drone For 10 Year Old With Camera

The GPS location hold feature of this device allows for aerial adventures to reach impressive heights and capture panoramic perspectives. Additionally, its generous battery allows for extended exploration.

The standard HS110 is bigger and more powerful than its mini HS110D cousin, making it more fun. Its GPS-enabled location-holding feature allows it to hover accurately in one place for panoramic shots. Additionally, it has gesture control. The Gesture and Route modes allow the drone to fly automatically, following gestures or predetermined paths. This makes it easy for kids to enjoy the magic of flying without needing to control it manually. 

Priced at under $130, it is still affordable but offers professional-level features such as a long-range FPV camera feed and the option for a 3-axis gimbal. This allows for smooth and high-quality selfies from a higher altitude. Its superior battery can last an impressive 20 minutes. This makes it a great option for beginners, who can quickly gain confidence in its forgiving fly-by-wire handling.

FAQs About Best Drones For Kids

What age is suitable for kids to fly drones? 

Most brands recommend ages 10 and up due to drones requiring focus, hand-eye coordination and responsibility. Always supervise younger kids for safety.

How far can kids fly drones? 

Beginner models generally have a range of 50-120 meters while more advanced options reach out to 500+ meters. All should be used within line of sight for control and recall in an emergency.

Can drones be flown indoors? 

Small mini drones under 5 inches may be ok indoors with care taken around fans, lights and breakables. Outdoor space is always best to avoid accidents.

How long do drone batteries last? 

Flight times vary greatly by model but expect 7-25 minutes typically. Higher-end drones have swappable batteries for extended fun without downtime.

Are repairs and replacements costly if drones crash? 

Mini beginner drones are affordable to replace entirely if needed. Props on bigger models tend to break more easily and cost $5-10 for spares. Consider protection plans if very worried about crashes.

Closing Thoughts on Best Drones For Kids

Drones open up a whole new aerial world of discovery and fun for kids. Starting with a basic mini-model is best to gently gain flying skills. Then cameras and coding capabilities can be added as skills progress. Be sure to fly safely within the eye-sight of parents or instructors. By following these recommendations for the best drones for kids, young pilots can safely explore and be creative from above for many hours. Enjoy your flying experience!

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