The Most Exciting Upcoming Best Smartphones in 2024!

As 2024 has already arrived, tech enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the exciting new smartphones that 2024 promises to bring. While no devices have officially been announced just yet, here are 5 best smartphones in 2024 that are anticipated to be game-changers when they launch ‌this year based on the latest rumors and industry insights.

All of these best smartphones in 2024 are expected to push design and technology boundaries with spectacular cameras, immense power and groundbreaking new features. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

A Sneak Peek of Best Smartphones in 2024

PhoneExpected PriceKey Rumored Specs
Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max$1,099+7nm chip, 48MP dual rear cameras, 6.7″ 120Hz display, bigger battery
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra$1,199+Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, upgraded zoom cameras, S Pen support
Google Pixel 8$799+Custom “Whitechapel” chip, improved telephoto lens, stock Android
OnePlus 11 Pro$899+Hasselblad quad cameras, 120Hz display, 100W+ fast charging
Xiaomi Mi 13$749+200MP main camera, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2+, 180Hz display
Best Smartphones in 2024

Diving Deeper into Best Smartphones in 2024

Here is a more detailed breakdown of what each phone may bring to the table in terms of specs and capabilities.

1. Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max – Best for Photography, Videography and Raw Power

Best Smartphones in 2024

The new iPhone 16 will likely include the powerful iPhone 16 Pro Max. It may be the strongest iPhone ever. Rumors suggest that the device will feature a 7nm chip with up to 20 high-performance processor cores. The screen may grow to 6.7 inches and stay lit always. It could refresh very quickly too at 120 times a second.

The four rear cameras will wow photo fans. Two main cameras may each have 48 megapixels. This allows for sharper low-light shots. The wide and telephoto lenses are set for big upgrades too.

Video quality should stand out with a possible 8K recording. A new mode can edit videos smoothly. A larger battery and efficient components may extend the time between charges. Overall the iPhone 16 Pro Max seems set to impress.


  • Revolutionary chip
  • Massively upgraded cameras
  • Always-on display


  • Extremely high expected price point

2. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – Best for S Pen Integration and Versatile Zoom

Best Smartphones in 2024

Samsung’s S series phones consistently rank at the top of a list of the best Android phones for 2024. The new S23 Ultra hopes to be the best. It may have the same great 6.8-inch screen as the S22 Ultra. This screen is sharp and bright. However, the S23 Ultra may use the newer Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 or Exynos 2300 chip. This powerful chip should make it very fast. The four rear cameras will get small updates. 

Rumors say the main camera will have more megapixels. Zoom features may be improved too. These updates can make photos and videos even better. Improved night photography and better detailing especially in skies and oceans are also potential focus areas. The S Pen stylus will remain integrated for on-screen note-taking and drawing. For enhanced security, the device may incorporate an under-display fingerprint sensor.


  • Impressive zoom capability
  • Refined S Pen functionality
  • Long-term software support


  • Exynos variants may have weaker performance than Snapdragon

3. Google Pixel 8 – Best for Computational Photography and AI-Powered Features

Best Smartphones in 2024

Google makes great phones called Pixels. People like Pixels because of the cameras. The new Pixel 8 may have the best cameras yet. It should take even better low-light pictures at night. Rumors say it will use a new chip named Whitechapel. This chip would help Google’s software run smoothly. It may also boost features using artificial intelligence. 

Leaks say the telephoto lens will be upgraded. It could take better close-up portrait shots. The front of the Pixel 8 may have a full screen with just a small hole for the front camera. This simple style with stock Android may rival Samsung’s smaller phones. Google will focus on controls using the Google Assistant voice helper. It will probably use machine learning too in new and powerful ways.


  • Best-in-class camera post-processing
  • Regular updates
  • AI features


  • Premium price for limited hardware
  • A smaller community following

4. OnePlus 11 Pro – Best for Speed and Charging Technologies at a Mid-range Price

Best Smartphones in 2024

In the past, OnePlus has consistently delivered top-tier flagship smartphones at mid-range prices. OnePlus offers great value usually. Their new phone is the OnePlus 11 Pro. It wants to offer even better value. The phone keeps the four rear cameras from before. However, each camera now has more megapixels. This should give better-quality pictures. Also, an extra wide-angle lens is added. This lets the cameras see more of the scene. These two upgrades improve the phone’s photography abilities.

Under the hood, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset should ensure lightning speeds. The 6.7-inch QHD+ AMOLED display may support adaptive 120Hz refresh rates. Quick charging should be improved even further with reports of 100W+ wired speeds and 50W wireless capabilities. OxygenOS interface customizations will continue to differentiate OnePlus’s package.


  • Flagship-level specs at mid-range cost typically
  • Supremely optimized OxygenOS skin


  • Cameras still lag behind top rivals sometimes
  • Availability is limited to fewer markets

5. Xiaomi Mi 13 – Best for Pushing Boundaries with New Camera Sensors and Specs

Best Smartphones in 2024

Xiaomi may not have as much global recognition as Samsung or Apple. However, the Chinese brand consistently offers low prices. They also improve smartphone specs each year. The upcoming Mi 13 is tipped to be the first with a 200-megapixel rear camera. This will likely take extremely detailed photos. The big sensor size and multi-frame merging may allow 8K video recording too. 

It should have a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2+ processor. The entry model may give 256GB of storage. Rumors say the curved AMOLED screen can refresh up to 180 times per second. This would make scrolling very smooth. MIUI interface tweaks will optimize productivity features and customization options. 50W wireless charging support may also cut cord dependency.


  • Extreme value for the price
  • Pioneering new tech
  • MIUI customizable 


  • Software not as polished as competitors
  • Few service centers in the western region

FAQs About Best Smartphones in 2024

While no device specifications have been officially confirmed yet, here are answers to some common questions about the next best smartphones of this year:

When will these phones launch?

Most industry analysts are predicting unveilings in the September-October 2024 timeframe with a release coming shortly after considering past trends.

What will be the prices?

Pricing is still anyone’s guess but based on prior generations, flagship models like the iPhone 16 Pro Max and Galaxy S23 Ultra could start around $999-1,199. Options like the Pixel 8 and Mi 13 are expected to offer lower prices compared to big names.

Which will have the best camera?

Early rumors suggest that both the iPhone 16 Pro Max and Xiaomi Mi 13 will be leading contenders in mobile photography, thanks to their new larger camera sensors. All companies will likely prioritize improvements in low-light performance across their device lines.

Which will be the most powerful?

All of these phones are expected to feature the latest Snapdragon or Exynos chips, so their raw specifications may be similar. However, software improvements from Apple, Google and OnePlus can make some phones better at certain tasks. In the end, real-world use will show which phone works best overall.

Final Thoughts on Best Smartphones in 2024

While 2024 has already begun, these 5 anticipated Best Smartphones in 2024 have the potential to significantly raise the bar in their respective areas of camera technology, performance, design and features. We may also see a breakthrough in new form factors, such as foldable devices. 

Speculation about display upgrades, charging capabilities and other surprises from these tech giants will continue until official announcements are made. As the new year approaches, consider subscribing to receive notifications about release date confirmations.

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